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Welcome to SAPLA 

Your space for connecting with pre-law advisors

and law school admissions professionals. 

Woman with medium brown skin attentively speaks to someone sitting across from table in an office setting. SAPLA


SAPLA  membership is open to pre-law advisors from community colleges, four- year colleges and universities, and law school representatives.

While SAPLA was originally comprised of pre-law advisors in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, membership is now open to all regardless of residence.

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Taking Notes

SAPLA Diversity Symposium

February 22, 2024 6:00pm via Zoom

Mark your Calendars

PLANC 2024

June 10-13


Joint Conference
June 2025

Details to Follow

woman with light skin and brown hair smiles at camera while standing on street.
Man in suit with dark brown skin shakes hand of woman with white skin at a networking event.
woman wearing a blue suit with glasses, a yellow head covering, and brown skin smiles at the camera.
a group of 4 people representing a mix of genders and identities stand in conversation.
a man with facial hair, a cardigan, and blue shirt sits in a wheelchair in pleasant conversation out
A woman with short blonde hair and light skin happily chats with a diverse group of students.
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